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February 27 2015

April 28 2014

March 12 2014

August 28 2012

April 27 2012

March 07 2012

1 day of Internet

Internet… that esoteric, futurist and amazing mesh of technology, content and things. THE thing that connects us all and it’s ever more pervasive and omnipresent in our lifes, we seem to not get enough of it… the proof? Something that stills keeps me amazed, by the sheer numbers of it, the information we produced on, say, 1 day of internet:

February 10 2012

February 07 2012

Robot Readable World

As robots begin to inhabit the world alongside us, how do they see and gather meaning from our streets, cities, media and from us?

Read more about it @berg

January 29 2012

January 25 2012

August 27 2011

August 22 2011

March 15 2011

March 09 2011

MIT Media Lab Identity

Richard The & “The Green Eyl” new visual identity for the MIT Media Lab its as brilliantly clever as beautiful!

Inspired by the community it comprises, the logo is based on a visual system, an algorithm that generates a unique logo for each person, for faculty, staff and students. According to Richards there’s even a custom web interface to allow each person at the Media Lab to choose and claim an own individual logo for his/her business card, as well as a custom animation software which allows to create custom animations for any video content the lab produces… amazing:

… more here.

March 01 2011

Immaterials: Turning the invisible visible

Just got back to Düsseldorf after an amazing weekend in Berlin for the single purpose of attending Cognitive Cities, a first round conference to discuss the future of cities in Germany and in the world in general. There’s a lot of notes and ideas that I’d like to share and record here at my blog, but I’ll start with this one which is the best example of how there’s so much to uncover around us in the cities we live..

Light painting WiFi is a film by Timo Arnall, Jørn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen. The project explores the invisible terrain imprinted by WiFi networks along urban spaces, for this they built up a a four metre tall wifi measuring rod which enables them to light painting WIFI signal strength in long-exposure photographs:

more photos Immaterials: Light painting WiFi @ Flickr and a full description of how they managed to get this amazing visualisation up and running.

January 20 2011

December 13 2010

December 03 2010

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