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April 09 2012

February 07 2012

Beautiful web type

The best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory

February 01 2012

The Dying Art Of Letterpress

Found this beautifully shot documentary” by Danny Cooke on the fascinating “dying ART of letterpressing“.

I probably the love for it because of my father, although not sure, if from over exposition to his drawings or as a side effect of his “forced styling” on my early calligraphy! Whatever it was, I got it in here ;)

But I decided to post the video here as a tribute to a more recent friend, Peter, who has been sharing his journey on letterpressing and by doing so, teaching me so much about it!

So I can safely write here that I like typography but I need to thank them both for making me love it!

January 28 2012

January 25 2012

January 24 2012

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March 26 2010


A Typographical and Grid Layout CSS Framework From Harry Roberts of CSS Wizardry

March 17 2010

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