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February 13 2014


I sure hope this is really the next #Twitter - http://t.co/HyTgC8auia

January 27 2014

Google Glass: view from a firefighter

Patrick Jackson is a developer and firefighter creating Glassware that could one day help firefighters everywhere.


April 05 2012

March 09 2012


Social Media Insights Platform

February 16 2012

The Social Radio

Tune in and listen to your social networks

February 06 2012

January 24 2012

March 22 2011

5 yrs of Twitter

Twitter is celebrating 5yrs:

And although I can still remember people who said it would never catch up (and now they’re addicted to it!) the fact remains that twitter is still something unique as it was its first inception days, and it’s still my favourite tool to follow the people we care about ;) .

If you haven’t yet, just join the crowd and follow me on Twitter: @pedrocustodio ;)

January 28 2011

January 12 2011

November 24 2010

November 22 2010

November 09 2010

November 05 2010

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September 23 2010

August 19 2010

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