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May 04 2012


Today I came across this very interesting concept, a social social interaction experiment focusing on re-humanizing our social condition. Touchy foces it’s user to become itself a social device, active by means of social interaction but unusable if alone.

It’s a project with a clear social concern: we tend to forget that our human condition is essentially social and frequently we hide and avoid sharing social space with others or we simply don’t connect to strangers anymore. We opt for interacting virtually over social media, always present, always available. Touchy is the perfect example of a playful interactions generator.

Touchy hybridizes the roles of human and camera (…) and challenges one’s notion of proximity because the interaction is reduced to the threshold of skin contact (…) transcending psychological connection that gives all its meaning to the expression: “the eyes are the window of the soul.

I simply loved the tech/social/behavioral mixture behind the concept.

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Unifying the mobile social experience - InTouch5 Social Dashboard & AddressBook
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