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February 21 2012

EVE Online

EVE Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Space Game

February 10 2012

November 09 2010

Surrogates are here!

Android won’t probably just be part of yet another movie like Surrogates in a time not far away from the one we live today! I’ve came across the following video by Kokoro show casing their latest developments with their Actroid technology:

One important feature of this Actroid F it’s “her” capability to be remotely controlled rendering an impressive visual and almost realistic telepresence while still being remotely controlled. Sounds strange? Well think a bit about a lot of high-risk professions (people working on gas stations in the night, or in a life threatening situations, etc.)? Can we put a value for each spared life/trauma? I believe not! But then again, this also puts us one step closer to all the doom’s day vision that contain remote controlled (and non-accountable) armies, right?

This might be my tech-freak post of the year, but just imagining all the GOOD possibilities, gets my mind bubbling! Just try to imagine the impact of this in the way we perceive and interact with services, their availability, our expectations towards their responses. It might sound strange as all things new, but I think this path is unavoidable. And it’s almost sad to think that I’ve come across much less human staff already! In that sense this Android is almost unreal, as it displays a rarely seen array of human expressions and emotions! He! He!

What’s your take on this? How do you feel towards this?

January 21 2010

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