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January 28 2014

Smartphones: the almost perfect sleep disruptors


“Sure, we know that screen time right before bed is bad for sleep. And turns out, using your smartphone late at night also makes you feel depleted in the morning, thereby making you less focused and engaged at work, according to a small new study.”

Read the full article the Huffington Post

June 18 2012

April 16 2012

Get Drunk Not Fat

Find The Lowest Calorie Beer, Lowest Calorie Alcohol

February 17 2012


Symptom checker and diagnosis calculator

February 16 2012


A safe place to care for loved ones -

January 06 2011


Smart and connected devices (wifi scale, Blood pressure monitor connected to iOS Devices and BabyMonitor)

May 18 2010


Probably the most fun way to keep fit!

October 09 2009

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