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August 22 2012

Double Robotics

Double is the simplest, most elegant way to be somewhere else in the world without flying there

April 27 2012

April 16 2012

GCG12 | Genk12

Playing for the future, the role of games in our society.

February 07 2012

February 06 2012


belgrade new media festival, 16-17 March 2012

Social Cities of Tomorrow

International conference 17 February 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands

January 29 2012

January 24 2012

September 30 2011

April 06 2010

March 19 2010

The Big Design Conference

The biggest ideas in Strategy, Social Media, User Experience, and Code Development converge


Integration: Designing for Tomorrow

March 17 2010

March 04 2010

February 08 2010

January 13 2010

November 11 2009

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