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June 10 2013

What do you want people to feel?

Apple WWDC 2013 keynote intro video was an ode to technological achievement, a company vision of perfection, a celebration of proper engineering and design. In video, each phrase is an ode to the growth and impact of proper user centered design. An ode for a paranoid attention to every little detail, something Apple meticulously, but it’s also an ode to experience design, to those outthere like myself who think from the end towards the beggining, overlooking the effect, overlooking how one feels upon interaction, and then designing backwards to ensure a curated and designed experience, consistent, repeatable and delighful.

Apple is in many senses unique, for there are those that do inovation by brute force differentiation and those who generate differentiation by design, in particular experience design. I work along the last.

Me happy.

May 21 2013

Simplicity sells – David Pogue (2006)

Oldy and yet so couldn’t be more timely today…

March 05 2013


For the past 5 months I’ve been working on Vodafone Germany customer journeys, trying to understand that ticks their customers have when interacting with mobile, online and retail experiences, we called service or experience design.

Today I came across a video made for a clinic (see below) that brilliantly shoes how we try to see the world around the company, its services, products and above all what people expect and how they use them. I like being able to walk other persons shoes, but as this video shows, it’s far from easy, the fundamental thing is that each one of us even when sharing one same experience, inevitably end up having a very different view of it.

I see more and more people thinking like me, preaching for a more centered human, more attentive services, being them digital or not and how to marry the ones that cross the digital/non digitial frontier. The goal is to deliver experiences that are worth building and going through. I keep saying that I’m tired of half baked things, so so experiences..

Seeing this video today, made me realize that probably one of the reasons I do what I do, might have been with how I processed all the craziness of my own journey trough 2 years of life and death possibilities, of procedures and badly designed machinery. Scary constructs with little or no attention and regard for the human individual in front of them.

maybe that was it… maybe that the reason I like fixing experiences..
who knows..

Check the video, its a great example on how to showcase insights in a clear, understandable and empathetic way.

May 01 2012

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Every living thing affects its surroundings. But humanity is now influencing every aspect of the Earth on a scale akin to the great forces of nature.

There are now so many of us, using so many resources, that we’re disrupting the grand cycles of biology, chemistry and geology by which elements like carbon and nitrogen circulate between land, sea and atmosphere. We’re changing the way water moves around the globe as never before. Almost all the planet’s ecosystems bear the marks of our presence.

Our species’ whole recorded history has taken place in the geological period called the Holocene – the brief interval stretching back 10,000 years. But our collective actions have brought us into uncharted territory. A growing number of scientists think we’ve entered a new geological epoch that needs a new name – the Anthropocene.

Probably the best-known aspect of our newfound influence is what we’re doing to the climate. Atmospheric carbon dioxide may be at its highest level in 15 million years. But this is just one part of the story; we’re changing the planet in countless ways. Nutrients from fertilizer wash off fields and down rivers, creating stretches of sea where nothing grows except vast algal blooms; deforestation means vast quantities of soil are being eroded and swept away. Rich grasslands are turning to desert; ancient ice formations are melting away; species everywhere are vanishing.

These developments are all connected, and there’s a risk of an irreversible cascade of changes leading us into a future that’s profoundly different from anything we’ve faced before. Little by little, we’re creating a hotter, stormier and less diverse planet.

The Anthropocene is a decisive break from what came before. Scientists are still debating exactly when it began – was it when our distant forebears started to farm the land? With the industrial revolution? With the dawn of the atomic era, even?

Whenever the new epoch started, we’re living in it now. And if our descendants look back in thousands of years’ time, they’ll see the evidence of our actions written everywhere in the rocks.

more on Anthropocene.Info

March 23 2012

Design the New Business

Design and business can no longer be thought of as distinct activities with individual goals. Design the New Business is a film dedicated to investigating how designers and businesspeople are working together in new ways to solve the wicked problems facing business today.

The short documentary examines how they are joining forces by bringing together an international collection of design service providers, education experts and businesses that have incorporated design as a part of their core approach. Design the New Business features inspiring case studies and insightful discussions, helping to illustrate the state of the relationship and how it needs to continue evolving to meet tomorrow's challenges.

This film is a Zilver Innovation initiative, and was created by 6 students from the Master in Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft in The Netherlands.

Zilver Innovation is now offering workshops that explore this relationship in more depth and the implications for practitioners. For more information, visit our website:

Featuring (in alphabetical order):
Alexander Osterwalder (Co-Author of Business Model Generation)
Aldo de Jong (Co-Founder at ClaroPartners)
Amanda O’Donnell ( Head of Customer Experience at Virgin Mobile Australia)
Arne van Oosterom (Director & Founder at DesignThinkers)
Arno Wolterman (Managing Partner & Design Director at In10)
Benjamin Schulz (Service Innovation at Volkswagen)
Damian Kernahan (Founding Partner at Proto Partners)
Deniz Arik (Associate at ClaroPartners)
Erik Roscam Abbing (Director & Founder at Zilver Innovation)
Frido Smulders (Coordinator of MSc Strategic Product Design,TU Delft)
Guido Stompff (Senior Product Designer at Canon-Océ Technologies)
Jacco Ouwerkerk (Creative at In10)
Jan Buijs (Assistant Professor at TU Delft)
Joe Heapy (Co-Founder & Co-Director at Engine)
Lukas Golyszny (Service Innovation at Volkswagen)
Maria Bezaitis (Director of Intel's People and Practices Research Group)
Megan Ellis (Associate at ClaroPartners)
Oliver King (Co-Founder & Co-Director at Engine)
Ralf Beuker (Dean at Munster Design School)
Rich Radka (Co-Founder at ClaroPartners)
Ton Borsboom (Senior Director for new Business at Philips Design)
Willem Boijens (Head of R&D at Canon-Océ Technologies)

March 08 2012

We’re all employees…

It’s 8 am.

Millions of employees show up each day, to put their names on a register. The world we see around us… countries and continents, have been built on the back of these signatures. The future too, will be written by these signatures – signatures of employees.

You are an employee

Your boss is an employee

The cable guy is an employee

The overworked… the unsung

The white collared… the blue collared

The Father of a nation

Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters

Healers and protectors

The girl you will fall in love with

The graveyard shift veterans

Even Chief Executives

…actors, spot boys

Master-chefs and waitresses

…truth is we are all employees, putting our names on ideas that shape our world.

Truth is… every employee is a hero.

Enough said. Let’s go do what we all do best.

Let’s go to work.

Creative Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Delhi
Executive Creative Director: V Sunil
Creative: Akash Das and Sundar Iyer
Account Management: Tushar Mehta and Ankit Kumar
Director: Bharat Sikka
Production House: Flying Pigs Production

February 19 2012


It’s not a closed list I guess, but I love this video and it’s style… plus the content is really true.

February 07 2012

Designing Better Service Experiences

Continuum and the AIGA convened a group of top business leaders and innovators from a variety of backgrounds and industries to discuss how designing a service experience with purpose can transform a company’s image and make people’s lives better.

Robot Readable World

As robots begin to inhabit the world alongside us, how do they see and gather meaning from our streets, cities, media and from us?

Read more about it @berg

February 04 2012

A Day Made of Glass (2)

I like this video and I like the touchscreen based interactions in it, do you?

With iPhone 4, Apple showed us that glass (or better aluminosilicate glass)can make amazingly beautiful and resistant devices, but last year a company called Corning went one step forward and published a video with a vision beyond small devices – “A Day Made of Glass.”. A vision centered around glass, where and if combined with the right technology and high speed wireless networks, glass can be so much more and help technology be even more present and all around us.

It’s an interesting video, and there’s a bit more info at Corning website if you’d like to read more about their vision.

January 28 2012

Heart Stop Beating

Heart Stop Beating is the story of Billy Cohn & Bud Frazier, two visionary doctors from the Texas Heart Institute, who in March of 2011 successfully replaced a dying man’s heart with a ‘continuous flow’ device they developed, proving that life and human physiology is possible without a pulse or a heart beat.

July 05 2011


wi-GO is a project aimed to building a barrier-free society, it’s a robot system based on Microsoft sensor technology Kinect, enabling anyone (from disabled person, to elderly and pregnant women) to carry objects without difficulty, comfortably and safely. The automatic cart follows it’s owner, promoting mobility and reducing these personal temporary or permanent inabilities.

via wi-GO Project on Vimeo.

February 21 2011

January 24 2011

Things of yesterday…

After seeing this, can’t help but to wonder how things will be in 10 years (heck even just in 5). But at the same time it’s a crude example of how much knowledge we lose in between generations at this pace…

January 07 2011

November 10 2010

Blood In the Mobile

Because not everything about technology is good…

know more on http://bloodinthemobile.org and facebook.

November 08 2010

November 05 2010


INFLUENCERS is a short documentary exploring what influence means and how trends and creativity spread like wildfire these days in all quarters of life: music, fashion and entertainment, it’s a nice documentary about the essence of influence and how each one of us is actually influenced.

November 13 2009

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