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December 03 2012


Meet Lamp.

an apparently a regular lamp inspired on the lamp from Pixar’s Luxo Jr. short film, it’s creators gave this particular lamp a life-like twist. Lamp is in fact a little robot, developed as a class project at the Victoria University of Wellington. Lamp uses six servo motors driven by an Arduino to give the inanimate object the ability to move as if it’s alive. There is no light unfortunately, as the bulb has now in fact the “eye” through which Lamp interacts with the world.

It’s impressively alive.

May 29 2012

March 10 2011

From MS-DOS to Windows 7 (today!)

This video, just brought back some wicked memories!

more about this experiment here.

March 02 2011

February 21 2011

January 24 2011

Things of yesterday…

After seeing this, can’t help but to wonder how things will be in 10 years (heck even just in 5). But at the same time it’s a crude example of how much knowledge we lose in between generations at this pace…

November 10 2010

Blood In the Mobile

Because not everything about technology is good…

know more on http://bloodinthemobile.org and facebook.

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