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March 04 2013

Social Now

Social Now is not a typical event, it presents an unconventionally format, but a very useful ones, with so many choices around, Social now was designed to help organisations seeking to understand more or evaluating work related collaboration platforms. So the entire event is meant to help people in these organisations make a decision on which to use, by helping them understand the differences and key strengths on each of the presented solutions.

Besides the very interesting keynote presentations, SocialNow will also feature an independent professionals panel to help question and evaluate the presented tools from different perspectives. I’ll be taking part of this panel to cover the user experience aspect of each tool, others will look at other aspects like business and IT.

So, I strongly recommend that if you’re working for a company which might be considering to change or deploy a new knowledge and process management tool, Social Now might just be the event you need to have on your agenda.

Social Now is organised by Knowman, a knowledge management consulting company, with Ana Neves (@ananeves) at the center, mind and heart of the whole event idea.

Hope to see you all in Lisbon next month.

November 29 2011

Little Printer by BERG

Somethings seem to have just been waiting for the right moment to be created, I think Little Printer by the genius BERG guys is just one of them:

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

isn’t it cool?

March 22 2011

5 yrs of Twitter

Twitter is celebrating 5yrs:

And although I can still remember people who said it would never catch up (and now they’re addicted to it!) the fact remains that twitter is still something unique as it was its first inception days, and it’s still my favourite tool to follow the people we care about ;) .

If you haven’t yet, just join the crowd and follow me on Twitter: @pedrocustodio ;)

January 07 2011

October 18 2010

November 11 2009

Open Government Data Poster

Ton and James Burke created the Open Government Data Poster to help civil servants decide if and how it is ok to open up data sets they have available.

Also available in PDF (English) version.

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