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May 04 2012


Today I came across this very interesting concept, a social social interaction experiment focusing on re-humanizing our social condition. Touchy foces it’s user to become itself a social device, active by means of social interaction but unusable if alone.

It’s a project with a clear social concern: we tend to forget that our human condition is essentially social and frequently we hide and avoid sharing social space with others or we simply don’t connect to strangers anymore. We opt for interacting virtually over social media, always present, always available. Touchy is the perfect example of a playful interactions generator.

Touchy hybridizes the roles of human and camera (…) and challenges one’s notion of proximity because the interaction is reduced to the threshold of skin contact (…) transcending psychological connection that gives all its meaning to the expression: “the eyes are the window of the soul.

I simply loved the tech/social/behavioral mixture behind the concept.

April 16 2012

GCG12 | Genk12

Playing for the future, the role of games in our society.

February 22 2012


Robotic Ball controlled by your smartphone

February 19 2012


It’s not a closed list I guess, but I love this video and it’s style… plus the content is really true.

January 25 2012

Robots @ School

A few years back while I got a glimpse or better written I was remembered how the younger versions of us see the world we deal with. At the time I had to conduct a series of usability tests with kinds from 4 to 12 preceding the launch of the SAPO KIDS, the younger version of the portuguese portal SAPO. At the time I remember being genially surprise with how kids perceived the interface, how they segmented themselves in terms of ages and how we had to rethink the whole interface to become more playful. From those learnings I ended up putting a presentation on Playful Interfaces… this was back in 2008.

Today I came across the Robots @ School, a study conducted by Latitude in collaboration with LEGO Learning Institute & Project Synthesis. Together they interview 348 kids across globe (Australia, France, Germany, South Africa, UK and US), their objective to understand kid’s social, creative and learning aspirations using robots as a proxy instead of engaging directly with them as adults.

The findings are remarkably interesting and I strongly advise to anyone interesting in reopening that long forgotten door to read the entirety of the report they produced here.

I was particular keen on been remembered that for kids:

  • Smart = Social
  • being Smart is a key for social success
  • technology empowers them
  • technology encourages and allows them to take risks, make mistakes without the not always so positive feedback from adults.
  • intermingling creating and learning is the rule of business, two sides of one same coin
  • when learning becomes fun play becomes knowledge

for each of the insights above the report does a pretty good job of explaining what and how each of them is sustained, so I’ll skip repeating it here, what I will mention is how this study once again shows me that the direction that we technologists take in our doings must be more human, it must assist, generate and foster a richer type of relation, a relation as close to “human” as possible, where sensing and personalization must become a crucial part of our future developments.

Tags: Play UX

January 24 2012

Androp Animatronic Toys

I’m getting a fan of the japanese band Androp but not necessarely for their music, which I like but I don’t entirely understand :|

What I do understand is that this guys have something special when it comes to producing their video clips! Some time ago they rocked the digital media world with their video clip – Bright Siren – featuring 250 flashes from Canon cameras powered by Arduinos, yes 250 and an entire video clip done out of still shots.

Well the new video, it’s rocking the digital stage again but this time, it’s not just about light but also animatronic, futurist toys starring a bouncing rocker capable of … expressing itself accordingly.. nice toys hein? :)

Tags: Music Play

November 29 2011

Little Printer by BERG

Somethings seem to have just been waiting for the right moment to be created, I think Little Printer by the genius BERG guys is just one of them:

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

isn’t it cool?

September 30 2010

YouTube Guggenheim Biennial's Channel

May 13 2010

March 09 2010

Akoha for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Akoha is a fantastic new way to explore life and share it with friends. Choose from hundreds of real-world "missions" - short, fun, experiences that can turn an ordinary day into something awesome. The more missions you play the more awards you earn!

January 20 2010

November 06 2009

October 01 2009

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