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February 13 2014

Candor: the art of gesticulation

We’re all emotionally and physically connected.
Our bodies speak even when we don’t.
And we’re constantly consciously and mostly unconsciously interpreting each other.
Through our interactions we define, build, care, maintain and break relationships.

Simpler said than done right?

June 07 2013

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

“I really believe that if you look at the great monuments of culture, they come from people who are able to pay attention, who control their mind. That’s what allows us to think in the highest terms and think conceptually, think critically, uh, think in some very creative ways. And it’s this kind of thinking that’s at risk: being eroded one cute cat video at a time.”

I certainly feel that my capacity for concentration isn’t what it used to be. What do you think? What are you doing for disconnecting?

December 31 2012

Here comes 2013 – Our life means WE should do what you love and make sure we do it often!

Watching the Sea

Another year, another 366 days, time simply flies by…
It’s time to pack 2012, and embrace 2013!

2012 was a good year, not great, a healing year, the first without some very important family members, I still miss terribly, but I also managed to get myself up from the ground and try to keep sadness at bay. In 2012 I travelled a lot, visited new and amazing places, met great people, had great conversations with new and old friends, worked like a crazy, gave my best and loved all the way through it, sometimes the best advice for bad thoughts is really to go without having time to think. I started something special in 2012 which I hope to continue to work and bring to life in 2013, I’m also rising from the ashes my favorite conference and I got back on track into doing what I what I love – it’s all about great experiences, so let’s meet and rock on 2013!

My dear family and friends, I failed to meet a good number of you in 2013, I failed to check on many of you, it wasn’t about you, it was about me being broken and hurt. So for 2013 my only and true wish is that we manage to meet, chat, eat and laugh and to do all the good things friends can do when we’re together!

We can all do with a better year, so for all of you who 2012 wasn’t even close to something good, let’s make sure that we fix that in 2013. I start by sharing with all of those close to me the “The Holstee Manifesto” my motto for 2013:

The Holstee Manifesto

November 08 2010

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