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November 11 2010

World Usability Day 2010

The day is almost over but I’ve hardly close to finish my post about this year’s topic – Communication, so instead I’d like to just share a very simple video introducing HCI to those who might not be so familiar with:

Why buttons go bad

If this got you curious and you still haven’t clicked away, follow along with to Dave Kelley on a tour on how much is actually in stake about human computer or human centered design:

November 20 2009

Why newspapers won’t die…

Today, I’ve picked this image on Igor’s Posterous:

Google Newspapers Are.jpg

first I smiled, but then it came to me, that although this is certainly true for many journals, the reality also reminds me that as everything else, it depends where you stand and on what you’re aware of…

The thing is that the NEW media loves to write about the OLD media, which in turn loves to write about NEW media, funny isn’t it?

I read most of my news online, but from time to time I do LOVE to read what I’ve been calling Slow News (and i’ll promise that I’ll cover this in my next post), meaning that I do read paper magazines and newspapers. I am in fact paying subscriptions for those when available (yes living in Germany has it’s drawbacks if we depend on international press).

So I take the opportunity to talk about two, relatively young projects on the newsstand that really make my days offline more richer.

Monocle Magazine March 2007 CoverFirst entry, Monocle, I’ve been reading Monocle since it’s first edition, it’s hard to grasp what captivated me from the very beginning. I do recall that it’s thickness, layout and typography was what probably made me buy it in the first place, but then I discovered inside something to calm my endless need to learn about new things that go on in common and not so common places in the world. Information that goes unnoticed, information that literally take you there and experience life in places where you haven’t been. Monocle introduced me to a whole new concept of generic magazines, it’s hard to archive it exactly here or there, I’ve read pretty much about everything in it, at sometimes it even feels like my how hitchhiker guide the planet.

Jornal i Cover Capa 2009 NovemberSecond entry, the portuguese journal ‘i’ (that although it’s in paper (AND WHICH I’D LOVE TO SUBSCRIBE <- HINT! HINT! If it was available outside of Portugal, I can only mainly read it online these days), but which I ask anyone coming back from Portugal to bring me copies for as many days as they can. Simply Called ‘i’ is already a reference newspaper in Portugal.It’s less than an year old, but has already been awarded as the “best designed newspaper of Spain and Portugal” (20.000-60.000 category) by a jury of the regional Chapter of the Society of News Design (SND-E). Suprised? Not really, people will always love to read newspapers (they just dislike the price/content balance). When I first read i, I noticed similar design decisions, a clear layout, clean, images taking over entire pages, a diferent paper, a compact size, and of course, a very well selected hand of news to fill in the gaps every day. If this doesn’t convince you that it’s possible to create new newspapers, than let the numbers decide for you, they’re selling around 16000 copies of it, on the same month that the top 2 national newspapers (Público & Diário de Notícias) sold between 30000-36000 copies. Martim Avillez Figueiredo gave recently an interview about the design award, that I consider is worth reading for anyone interested in the media/newspaper business.

Meaning that if you’re really aware of what your readers WANNA read and are willing to pay, you can probably live a bit longer! One very important note about this and of course other surviving giants of the OLD media is the fact that they all share a great online counterpart, meaning that they’ve been able make the transition and in this case align both side of the media experience as a whole!

November 12 2009

November 04 2009

Complexity of our times

Seeing this today at XKCD reminded me of Steve Johnson book ‘Everything Bad is Good for You‘ and how we’re coping with more and more intricate narratives, involving multiple characters and distinct timelines… and the reason why that implies a change in the way our brains have been changing and the resulting effects upon society as whole..

(click to enlarge)

Open Declaration on European Public Services

Open Declaration on European Public Services

Endorse the Open Declaration!

Let’s improve European public services together.

On November 19th, the EU governments will meet in Malmo to sign a Ministerial Declaration that will define the key priorities for e-government strategy in Europe for the next years.

A group of Web 2.0 enthusiasts launched an open collaborative effort to build an Open Declaration on European Public Services, which calls on European governments to embrace the values of transparency, participation and empowerment and so improve public services. The European Commission and the Swedish Presidency of the EU have accepted that we present the declaration in the official program of the Ministerial Conference.

We now need to collect thousands of endorsements in order to convince governments to fully embrace these values.

If you share the values of the Open Declaration, please add your name in this form. Together we can make a difference!

If you agree, you may sign it and then join the Facebook Group to start spreading the word.

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