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February 22 2012


Robotic Ball controlled by your smartphone

November 29 2011

Little Printer by BERG

Somethings seem to have just been waiting for the right moment to be created, I think Little Printer by the genius BERG guys is just one of them:

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

isn’t it cool?

July 05 2011


wi-GO is a project aimed to building a barrier-free society, it’s a robot system based on Microsoft sensor technology Kinect, enabling anyone (from disabled person, to elderly and pregnant women) to carry objects without difficulty, comfortably and safely. The automatic cart follows it’s owner, promoting mobility and reducing these personal temporary or permanent inabilities.

via wi-GO Project on Vimeo.

January 24 2011

Things of yesterday…

After seeing this, can’t help but to wonder how things will be in 10 years (heck even just in 5). But at the same time it’s a crude example of how much knowledge we lose in between generations at this pace…

November 10 2010

Blood In the Mobile

Because not everything about technology is good…

know more on http://bloodinthemobile.org and facebook.

November 04 2010

MUJI on iUniverse

I’ve been a long time fan of MUJI, long goes the time, when going to London was the excuse to empty the ever growing shopping list. The thing only got a bit worst when I moved to Düsseldorf, where a MUJI shop just sits around the corner, so it became more easy to shorten the list with a almost weekly visit. They don’t come cheap, but I’m always amazed with the quantities of ways in which some of their products actually simplified stuff in my life. So yes I’m a FAN.

Curiously today, I was a bit surprised with the launch of not 1, but 4 apps for the iUniverse, one calendar app, one sketchbook, one travel helper and of course the apparel catalogue.. it’s an impressive set of apps, both in simplicity as in utility.. check them out the MUJI dedicated iApps page.

February 04 2010

Parrot AR.Drone

Quadrotor helicopter with wifi and 2 cameras - AR.Drone games for iPhone and iPod touch

January 21 2010

January 20 2010

October 22 2009

October 20 2009

October 14 2009

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