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Is Apple becoming the new Evil?

I just bought a new 27″ iMac a couple days ago. It’s fabulous. The screen’s too shiny, and the disk is surprisingly loud (…) So I bought it, but I bought it, for the first time, with misgivings. I felt the way I’d feel buying something made in a country with a bad human rights record. That was new. In the past when I bought things from Apple it was an unalloyed pleasure. Oh boy! They make such great stuff. This time it felt like a Faustian bargain. They make such great stuff, but they’re such assholes. Do I really want to support this company?

Wired's Apple logoSooner or later this had to happen, it’s striking the resemblance’s with the fact that we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of wall in Germany. Apple has been building a walled garden with the iPhone/iTunes AppStore, but as any bridged wall, it will come down eventually, one thing it’s for certain it will fall by the hands of those that helped build it, it may take a while, but you can’t really ignore the signs..

Apple is great! I love it as I’m sure a whole lot more people does! But things aren’t looking good and it feels as if they’re becoming those that they used to criticizes in way more front’s that they should.. Apple needs to correct their path, otherwise in a decade or less, they might see themselves in a rather ackward position, if for now they still sell the best, shiniest and prettiest of them all…

Sounds a crazy idea? Read Paul Grahams latest essay about Apple and his commentary to the bashing on the broken app store approval process…

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